Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Two down, one more to go

Wow, time really flies eh?

I only have one more exam, chemistry, before I am liberated for this semester at last! =D I seriously can't wait, it's a whole month of freedom!

For my previous two exams, biology of cells and organisms, and physics fundamentals, were alright. I was far more confident about biology than physics, which I hope I can pass. xD
During the two days on which I had those two, the examination hall was freezing, and I am not kidding. I wore as much as I could, but clothes only helped so much. Three hours and fifteen minutes of sitting still was enough to make my lips turn purple and I left the hall with chattering teeth. Gah....I can't perform my best when I am very cold (or hot for that matter).

*sigh* I just wish on the day of my chemistry exam, the weather would be more accommodating.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sugary Treat

Today I gave Rex a grape for the first time ever.
Usually he is cautious towards new fruits and vegetables so I wasn't expecting him to eat it. But to my big surprise, Rex only sniffed it once before devouring it!

While eating the grape, he makes those slurping noises - it was really cute! After he finished, he licked up all the grape juice on the floor of his cage. Heheee! I'm glad he enjoyed his special treat! ^^

Now because grapes are quite sugary, I am going to give it to him sparingly. I should try strawberries some day. Once I tried banana, but he was petrified of it! xD