Wednesday, 17 November 2010

10th Riding Lesson

Because of uni exams, Christmas jobs and the bad weather over the past month, I just didn't have time to book a riding lesson. But today I finally had some spare time to do what I love most - horse riding! =D

It was a lovely sunny day up at Wandin Riding Academy, and Bart, the school horse I ride, was already there waiting for me. He has got his summer coat and was all shiny! I gave him a carrot to munch on while I groomed him and picked out his hooves. Bart is a 15.2hh (approx 154cm at the withers) gelding. I love him to bits. =D

Did the usual stuff for my lesson. Lots of trotting, both rising and sitting, and also worked on trot to canter transitions, which I find quite difficult. I get tense and the start to bounce all over the place, losing my stirrups and all. LOL! However today I managed to fall off while trying to canter! Landed on my back and had all the breadth knocked out of my body. Was a bit light-headed for a while too, but I was back to normal in an hour or so. Anyhow, it was a great lesson overall.

Now for some photos! Credit to Janey!

I love this pony! ^_^

Sorry about the pic overload! Hope you like them! =D

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quick Pre-exam Update

Taking a short break between my studies to type up a short blog piece. My first exam, Ecology, is tomorrow afternoon! I am trying not to get overly stressed about it, but it should be okay as the exam is worth 40%.

Weather has been crazy lately. One moment it would be freezing cold with heavy rain, then sunshine the next. It makes planning activities outdoors quite frustrating.

I got my first Christmas casual job at David Jones! I will be working in the manchester department (bed linen, towels etc.) at the Bourke Street store in the city. I am excited and a bit nervous - my first shift will be this coming Saturday! =]

Hmm...what else is there? Ooh right, season three of my favourite TV show, Fringe, will premiere this Wednesday night! I've been waiting for ages, as it started two months ago in the US. much for fast-tracked! To celebrate, I shall share one of my favourite videos I found on Youtube of the two main characters of the show, Peter and Olivia. I love the song as well!

{Fringe} Peter/Olivia - Boats and Birds