Wednesday, 17 November 2010

10th Riding Lesson

Because of uni exams, Christmas jobs and the bad weather over the past month, I just didn't have time to book a riding lesson. But today I finally had some spare time to do what I love most - horse riding! =D

It was a lovely sunny day up at Wandin Riding Academy, and Bart, the school horse I ride, was already there waiting for me. He has got his summer coat and was all shiny! I gave him a carrot to munch on while I groomed him and picked out his hooves. Bart is a 15.2hh (approx 154cm at the withers) gelding. I love him to bits. =D

Did the usual stuff for my lesson. Lots of trotting, both rising and sitting, and also worked on trot to canter transitions, which I find quite difficult. I get tense and the start to bounce all over the place, losing my stirrups and all. LOL! However today I managed to fall off while trying to canter! Landed on my back and had all the breadth knocked out of my body. Was a bit light-headed for a while too, but I was back to normal in an hour or so. Anyhow, it was a great lesson overall.

Now for some photos! Credit to Janey!

I love this pony! ^_^

Sorry about the pic overload! Hope you like them! =D

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Where animals speak said...

Nice pics Monica!
It'svery sunny in Australia!! Now it's summer overthere, if I'm not wrong.
I hope you enjoyed ridding your pony :-)

Bally, your green friend