Sunday, 8 June 2008

New pics of Rex

Rex is my beautiful rabbit, he is now 4 and half years old. I totally love him to bits! Rex just loves to be out and about in my front yard! Here are some pics of Rex frolicking and resting on the lawn. There is also a few of him inside his cage.
Enjoy! :D

Hi there mum!

Searching for fallen rose petals

Sitting pretty

Yummy grass!

Ohh...what's this?

Hey mum, why are you down there?

I'm the king! Worship me! xD

I'm exploring and posing at the same time =P

Hey, don't you think I can be a movie star?

Want a bunny kiss?

What are you looking at?

I want treats!!

Got anything for me?

Whatcha got there mum?


mamoomi said...

awww rex is so adorable! :) you do an awesome job looking after him :) ~mash

bluberrymint said...

ahhh!!! rex is soooo cute :P
especially love the bunny kiss pic hehe
absolutely agree with mash, rex must be one of the luckiest pets ever! nice work mon!

rabbitto_bunny said...

Rex is such a cute bunny too! :D