Friday, 25 July 2008

Working at McDonalds It's hard to believe that I have worked at McDonalds for over one month now. It doesn't seem as though I have. Maybe it's because I only work for about twelve hours per week. As a new crew member, I get paid nearly $12 p/h before tax. It's not bad for my first casual job I guess :).

When I first started working, there was a lot of things to learn and remember. A lot of skills take practice, such as making soft serves, sundaes, packing fries, and using the register etc. A month later, I'm still not perfect. Still waiting for the day when I can make two soft serves at once! Of course, there are many other things I had to do besides serving the customers. I also had to learn how to do stock-ups (counting how many units of cups, lids, spoons, paper bags etc and ensuring there are enough units on the premise at all times), how to clean the dining area, refill ice cream cones, brew coffee and cleaning the drink machine.

Working at Maccas is also great for boosting self-confidence, gained from interacting with customers and team members. This is excellent for me as I'm usually quite shy, and do not like approaching people I don't know. In addition, I made several new friends, which made work a whole lot more enjoyable :).

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