Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sorted at last! ^^

Due to me taking a summer subject this summer, my subject selection and timetables were a complete mess. Thankfully, it's all fixed now.

You see, it all started with the delay of the summer semester exam results for Chemistry 2, which was supposed to be released this past Monday. Because of this, the system was unable to approve my chosen subjects as it kept warning me that I have selected a summer subject. This also means I couldn't view my timetable on Alloc8. After countless emails sent to the student centre with no results, I was fed up. So I took a trip to uni yesterday to sort things out face to face. A course adviser approved my subject plan, and now I am finally ready!

I must say, I am fairly pleased with my timetable for semester one. I get Tuesdays off and I finish at 10am on Fridays. Not so sure on 9am starts on three days though. I mean it's fine right now, but when winter rolls around, it would be difficult to get out of bed at 6am again.

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Where animals speak said...

I really like your blog!!!!
It's very original. Good photos and good texts!
Hugs from Spain! :)