Friday, 24 September 2010

Mid-Semester last!

Okay okay, even though it is already almost a week into the two-week break, there is still enough time to enjoy it. :)

For the past week, I didn't do much besides catching up on lectures, doing a bit of homework, catching up on sleep and working. But next week, things will get more eventful.

On Monday I am going trail riding with a friend from uni. I can't wait! =D I haven't been on horseback for nearly three weeks and really miss it. We are going on a three hour ride through forests and open plains. Woohoo!

Then on Tuesday afternoon, I have a group interview for David Jones Christmas Casuals. I still need to buy a pair of business pants, as we are required to dress in formal business attire. At night I want to go see 'Despicable Me', so hopefully I can do that too.

I wouldn't be doing anything on Wednesday and Thursday due to work, so the rest of those two days would be used to write up reports and assignments. Oh joy...

That leaves the rest of the week open for anything! =D

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Where animals speak said...

Hello! I've come back my health problem!
How are you? I'm good now, so i can search new adventures! Bye!

Bally, your green friend