Sunday, 13 November 2011

New school horse

For the past three lessons, I have been riding a different horse. Joker is a 14.2-14.3hh palomino gelding. He is absolutely gorgeous, and great to ride too, although his trot is even more bouncy than Bart's!

One thing Joker does a fair bit is head-tossing. But it is my fault, because my hands are not steady enough, resulting in me catching him in the mouth sometimes. However this teaches me to be more conscious of my hands, and I have been working hard to keep them still.

I haven't rode in over three weeks due to exams, and I am already itching to get back into the saddle. Oh well, it could be my motivation! ^^

Joker and I having a canter
Don't you just love his shiny golden coat? ^^
Joker showing off his blaze

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