Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New cone record

Okay, I thought getting six soft serve cones (ice cream) in a single order was a lot. But not any more. Today, a customer ordered twelve, yes, twelve cones at once! And there I was, setting up three cone holders, as each can hold four, and making four cones at a time.
Every day, the McDonald's at which I work sells dozens, maybe close to a hundred soft serves. I know they are cheap (only AU$0.50), but do they really taste that good?


bluberrymint said...

hey mon!

wow =O omg 12 soft serves!!

for 50c i guess they don't taste too bad...

by the way, i love your samoyed pics :]

mamoomi said...

ello mon :D

wooah i hope all those softserves wasn't just for him! :O

lol i remember alicia and i used to get a softserve every fri after school last year... but it was also covered in choc :P we got it from hungry jacks. :P

hmmm after reading ur blog... aahh! i feel like icecream! :P

keep on blogging! :)