Saturday, 6 September 2008


Argh! I'm so stressed out right now. I have two assignments due next week, one on Monday and the other on Thursday and I barely started. Lately I find it extremely difficult to find the motivation to concentrate on school work. I dunno why, I am so easily distracted. This is not good! :( I must get a grip somehow...

Also, I really need to cancel my Maccas shift on Wednesday to do my assignment, but I'm scared they might get mad at me. But I have too! Or..... Oh drat, I dunno what to do! *sniff*

I really really cannot wait for the semester break!


mamoomi said...

hey mon! lol you work so many shifts at maccas - i'm sure they won't mind :) if you tell them in advance.

liking ur new layout! esp the cute rabbit on top :P the intro msg there, being black is partially camoflaging into the bunny... :P maybe you can change that to a lighter colour?

anyway great stuff!


Anonymous said...

hi mon, you have so many cute animals on your blog!
btw, i get stressed too when i hav to cancel my shifts, n my managers seem frustrated but thankfully they seem to get over it pretty quickly and not be too angry with me. i'm sure the good impressions you have given them (i.e. doing lots of shifts already) is sure to stay in their minds for a while :D