Monday, 15 September 2008

Wild weather

After an incredibly sunny and almost hot weekend, the start of the new week was greeted by gale force winds of almost up to 100km/hr in some regions of Victoria. On my way to uni, I got badly blown about by the wind and slight rain that fell in all directions. The worst however, was at Box Hill bus stop at the end of the day. The wind was so strong up there I almost felt as if my neck was about to snap off!

Okay, as I write this, the dark clouds that have been hovering above Melbourne all day finally gave in. Now it's pouring! I heard there may be a chance of thunderstorms later.

No wonder it's uncommon for Melbourne to have what people call 'four seasons in a day'!

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bluberrymint said...

i totally agree with you =P it was pretty windy this morning too.