Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Which Way?

These days I feel really lost, well not literally of course. I feel lost about my future, uncertain about which road I should take.

For those of you who know, I am currently studying first-year Bachelor of Commerce, and in the past month I have started to really dislike the course. I have little motivation, perseverance or consistency, and right now I'm doing worse than last semester. Several times I turn up late to lectures, sometimes even missing one entirely. Try as I may, I find it extremely difficult at times to get a grip and actually do work.

Yes, commerce was my first preference, but science was my second. You know I never really wanted to study commerce in the first place, but the pressure from my parents... :( Now I wonder if I made the right choice in the first place. I want to transfer course next year, to Bachelor of Science. My ultimate goal is to do one year of that, then apply for direct entry into Veterinary Science. But it will be challenging, very very challenging. If not, then I would choose to major in Zoology, and hopefully do masters or honours in this field. Preferably, if possible, do a double major in Zoology and Marine Biology. :)

I believe that people should do what they enjoy, and not choose a course just because their parents or teachers said they should. I mean ultimately, you are the one who will be pursuing that as a career, and studying something you don't like leads to an unhappy future. I want to be able to get up in the morning, be ready to face the day and say, "A new day, a new adventure!" I want to actually enjoy uni, and looking forward to it, knowing that I will make fascinating discoveries and learn what I love to learn.

Will this ever happen? I can only hope.


Anonymous said...

hi mon!
when i read ur first sentence, i felt a sense of 'yeah, totally!'. i hope i am making sense coz 3am isnt a time where my literary skills are at their best..
anyway, u'd b surprised how many ppl feel the same way as u, or perhaps not. anyway, there's this really interesting blog written by unimelb students. if u search first year at melbourne university blog on google, it should be the first link. :)

bluberrymint said...

love your new layout, mon! :]
nice suggestion shimmer :) the first year blogs are very interesting to read indeed ^^