Sunday, 2 November 2008

Arabian Horses

I'm not in the mood to blog anything that's happening right now so I will return to blogging about animals.

Today's featured animal is Arabian horses.
Arabian is a horse breed known for their intelligence, spirit and endurance. They can be easily recognized by their distinctive head shape and high tail carriage.

Arabian is also one of the oldest horse breeds, first domesticated in the Middle East, and later spread to other parts of the world either through trade or war. The breed is also good-natured, intelligent and eager to please, resulting from close relationships with humans for centuries. They are also very alert and possess high spirit which made them extremely useful in wars of the past.

Pure Arabians come in several different colours: bay, gray, chestnut, black and roan. Bay, gray and chestnut are the most common. All Arabians, no matter what their coat colour is, have black skin, which offers protection against the desert sun.

Arabian horses are very versatile that compete in many equestrian fields, and especially dominate endurance riding because of their stamina. They are also used in leisure fields, working as ranch horses or for trail riding.

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Anonymous said...

hmm, interesting post. i read in a magazine that a lot of racehorses are descended from arabian horses originally from the middle east, but that their temperament is also highly strung. anyway, nice pix!