Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Pokemon Games

I saw these at EB Games today. And for some strange reason, I really wanted to buy a copy. I hardly ever buy games for my DS, and I only have a grand total of three games to date (Diddy Kong Racing, Nitendogs and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days).

I remember years ago, when Gameboy Colour was all the rage, one of my friends used to play a lot of Pokemon games. I enjoyed fiddling with it when I got the chance, but since it's a game where you catch, raise and train your own Pokemon, I didn't want to mess it up. xD

There are two versions, HeartGold and SoulSilver. As someone who knows very little about them, I'd probably get gold, simply because of the colour. Hehee.

I bought the game today after work! Can't wait to get started on my first Pokemon adventure! =D


Anonymous said...

hi mon!
hehe i'm commenting on ur new(ish) blog for the first time (i think?)yay!
i like readin ur blog :)
lol i don't hav anythin important to say


Polar Bear said...

lol you're playing it 24/7! :P

Monica said...

Thanks Yimo! =D
You should start bloggin again, and I don't see you on msn lately.

Jane - no I do not!

Where animals speak said...

Hello Monica!

Thanks for your support in my bad situation.
I had the crystal version on pokemon, and I've get almost 250 pokemons.

Lots of hugs! :)

Victor and Bally