Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Picnik Photo Editing

I've discovered a wonderful website that allows you to edit ordinary photos and pictures into beautiful works of art! You can add stickers, frames, and special effects, and all for free! But of course, there is premium if you want to access all the features. However, I am doing okay without them.

Visit to take a look for yourself and get started!

I was bored one night so I fiddled with it a bit. I don't have much photos on my laptop, so yeah.

Hope you like them! ^^


Anonymous said...

hi mon!
hehe, i like ur pix! they're really sweet :) u hav a great blog btw :D


Where animals speak said...

Hello Monica!

lovly pics. Tomorrow you will know how finishes my picnic day...

Hugs from Bally

Where animals speak said...

Thank you Mon! ^^
Yes, I had a great time, but the best of all is that Alex became my best friend :) I saw him when a day when I was exploring.
In the pictur number one there is a problem...
Victor took the photo when I had some black sand in my neck, and It's a bit ugly...


Photo Editing Services said...

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