Monday, 7 June 2010

It's that time of the semester once more.

The time has come that most students dread - exam period!!! *gasp* *shock horror* *nausea* Well, you get the picture. xD

At least this semester, my exams are fairly spread out over the three weeks. My first exam, which would be Biochemistry and molecular biology, is held this Thursday. After that is Australian wildlife biology on Tuesday 15th of June, followed by Food chemistry, biology and nutrition on Wednesday the 23rd of June. So yeah, pretty good schedule. This means I can still work during the exam period. I really hate revising and studying for exams. I don't mind doing them, as it means it would be all over after that, but studying for them is not only boring but is tedious as well. My brain can't handle all the information overload haha.

In other news, I had my sixth riding lesson today. It was quite chilly at the start, but after grooming and tacking up Whisky, I was quite warmed up! All we worked on today was rising and sitting trot, canter and transitions on the lunge. I also did some riding without stirrups. It was difficult and quite painful lol, and I almost fell off on several occasions. But Whisky was a good horse, whenever I was slipping or losing my balance, he would slow down. I love cantering, it's so much fun! =D

Here is the only picture for the day. The quality is not very good due to the gloomy weather and small camera. xD

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PeiPei said...

riding horse?
im soo jeloues! (>.<)