Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Riding Lesson no.7

Today I rode Bart, a horse I've only ridden once before. And from previous experience, I know that he is a much more forward-moving horse than Whisky and his trot is much more bouncy too, making it difficult to sit to. Bart is also very naughty, tries to follow me whenever I move away to get the hoof pick or his saddle, but nevertheless, he is really cute! =D

Pic overload coming up! ^_^
I realize there are heaps of things I need to work on. My position is terrible, and I definitely need to bend my elbows a lot more, keep my hands steady and shoulders back.

Picking out his hooves

All tacked up and ready to go!

Aww isn't Bart cute? =P

Warming up

Rising trot

Wow the arena looks huge from here!

Pigrooting!!! O_O This is what happens when I first used the whip.

And canter! It's so much better than trotting, and really fun!

I love this pic. Bart is being cheeky hehee. Notice his tongue is sticking out?

 Letting Bart stretch and cool off

And the end!

I won't have another lesson for another couple of months as I am going away overseas. I hope you enjoyed the pics! Comments and critique welcome! ^_^

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