Monday, 30 August 2010

A Healthy Meal

Bloggin' while eating my lunch, a toasted foccacia with chicken schnitzel, pineapple and lettuce. Only recently have I 'discovered', well more of got into, as I have known this for ages, creating your own sandwich for lunch.

There is a few places at uni where you can 'make' your own sandwich by choosing the type of bread (normal sliced bread, rolls, baguettes or foccacias), main base (schnitzel, beef, roast chicken, turkey or simply ham etc.), dressing and spreads (mayonnaise, avocado, butter or pesto etc.) and a range of other delicious extras such as cheese, cucumber, lettuce and tomato, salad, sliced eggs, olives, pineapple, beetroot and much more. In winter, a toasted sandwich makes all the difference.

I think this is a much healthier alternative to several other options I normally get, which was muffins, pies and pizzas. Although this custom-made lunch is usually more expensive, it's worth it. For me, no sandwich is complete without a slice of juicy pineapple or two. =P

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Anonymous said...

hi mon,
it seems that you like pineapples a lot. :) what is your favourite pizza? would it be hawaiian?