Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 - The beginning of a new decade

The passing of 2010 has been a milestone for me. It's been over ten years since my family and I immigrated to Australia. Although we arrived here in May 1999, if I subtract the months spent visiting relatives back in my hometown, it would make exactly ten years in Australia, give or take a week or so.

These ten extraordinary years will always be etched in my memory. So many amazing events and experiences have happened that would not have if I have remained in China. My outlook on life and the society would have been wildly different. So for this I am eternally grateful to my parents for bringing me over here.

Over the years I have made many life-long friends, and all of them have helped me to become the person I am today. Especially with my high school friends, the memories we shared are unforgettable; from the crazy times at school camps, to the joy of lunchtimes at school and activities such as team sports and orchestra. Even though most of us have gone to different universities, we have never lost contact and never hesitate to catch-up over a cup of coffee or a movie.

Growing up in Australia has helped me to put things in perspective. If I had stayed in China, my teenage years would have been nothing but years of endless study, competing with hundreds of thousands of hopeful students to get into the best universities. But my parents have given me a chance to grow and develop while balancing between work and play. A good education is paramount yes, but the difference is that I was still allowed to have fun. Our time on Earth are to be lived, meaning doing the things we love before it's to late.

The year 2010 has been amazing itself. I have started horse riding lessons, something I have dreamed about for years. Even though I only do so occasionally, I feel that I'm on the road to realizing this dream. 2010 is the year that I started volunteering, the importance of which I have overlooked before. The only regret is that I did not start earlier. I have also become more outgoing over the past year. By that I mean spending less time holed up at home in front of the computer, and instead enjoying the great outdoors with all my friends.

My wish, my resolution for the new year is to continue doing all these things mentioned above, as well as getting out there and discover new adventures.

2011 - I can feel dawning of the best year of my life.

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Where animals speak said...

Happy 2011 Monica, I hope it will be so amazing as 2010 for you. Be sure that your wish will be fulfilled.

Bally, your tiny green friend. :-)