Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Almost Time!

There is only two and a half weeks to go until semester one starts! I have mixed feelings about this. I sort of want to get into a routine again, yet I know I will miss the blissful holidays when I'm back at uni. This year will be my final year as an undergraduate, after that is either employment or postgrad study. I haven't decided which way to go yet. It is one of the several things I must sort out before the year ends.

I will be taking the following subjects this semester:
- Advanced Food Analysis
- Food Processing and Preservation
- Biotechnology in Practice
- Techniques in Molecular Science

It has been a busy February so far. For one there was the Chinese New Year celebrations, it's the year of the rabbit for those who don't know. We had a delicious family dinner at a new restaurant that opened in the city, called Shanghai Dynasty. The interior decor was spectacular! Full of golds and fancy furniture. There was dragon dance too, to entertain and bless the patrons dining that evening.

In other news, I have been kept on as a casual at David Jones! =D However we got a new manager and all that, so hopefully things will still look up. I gave in my uni availabilities in on Monday, so I am hoping to get consistent hours each week. Fingers crossed!


Min :) said...

OMG me too!! I don't want semester 1 to start ! :P Been having too much fun in Singapore...

Where animals speak said...

Hi Monica! What's about you? It pass a long time from the last day that you explain us your stories. Are you OK?
See you,

Bally and Victor