Thursday, 29 September 2011

Owl City

Just recently I have discovered this band, or more like a one-man band, called Owl City. The person behind it is a man of great talent, Adam Young. You see, I was sorting through my favourited videos on YouTube and came across a clip from the movie, The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. The song featured in the clip was called 'To the Sky'. While I was listening to it, I thought, 'Wow who is this guy singing? His voice is amazing!' And I immediately Googled to find out. Turns out he became extremely popular when his song 'Fireflies' hit the top of the charts around two years ago.

It's not surprising that at the time, I never went out of my way to buy CDs or watch music videos online. I may have heard 'Fireflies' on the radio before but of course, I never bothered to follow up on it. But anyway, this belongs to the past.

After learning some more about this talented musician, I looked up some of his songs on YouTube. I am amazed myself that I liked nearly all his songs. The reason I've never had a favourite band or singer was because usually I only like say, a few songs from a single band/singer. Adam composes and programs (his genre is electro-pop) everything himself, from the melodies to the lyrics.

I promptly logged onto iTunes and purchased all his albums available in the Australian iTunes store. They included All Things Bright and Beautiful, Ocean Eyes, Maybe I'm Dreaming, Sky Sailing and Of June. There were also a couple of singles, Alligator Sky and Strawberry Avalanche, which I also bought. =P

There are quite a few reasons why I find his songs wonderful. First of all, the lyrics paint a picture in your mind as you are listening to the songs. They are simple and sophisticated at the same time, just utterly brilliant. Secondly, Adam sings his songs with clear articulation. I just hate it when you listen to a song and half the time you have no idea what the words are. Well this doesn't happen with Owl City! Finally, his songs never fail to cheer me up after a bad day, there's just something about them that makes warm and fuzzy inside. Adam Young's imagination is what makes his music outstanding and unique.

See for yourself, have a listen to some of his most popular songs, for example, Vanilla Twilight, The Saltwater Room, The Real World and Galaxies.

Oh and he is handsomely cute. ^^

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