Tuesday, 1 January 2008

End of VCE...and high school!

Yes, right now I am in China, enjoying a well-earned holiday after two hectic years of VCE. I have achieved a satisfactory ENTER, which enabled me to get into my first preference course: Bachelor of Commerce New Generation. Mac Rob class of 2007 has yet again triumphed as the top school in Victoria with a median ENTER of 96.80! I think this is either the 6th or 7th consecutive year that Mac Rob has come first out of all the other high schools. At first I was a little afraid that we might not make it, but it turns out we are the best year 12 class so far, with the highest median ENTER ever!! Class of 2006 might be the golden year, but class of 2007 is the diamond year! lol

Our teachers often remind us that year 12 is going to be the best year of high school, but in my opinion, year 11 was the best. Year 12 was too stressful and tiring to be very enjoyable. Although year 11 was the first year of VCE, the stress level was not as high, meaning I could still do some of my favourite activities during free time. I like my year 11 teachers better overall as well. Especially in Biology and Physics, where we can muck around a lot without being told off. For example in biology class one day, we get to disect a rat and examine its digestive system. After drawing a rough (and messy) diagram, some peole started to mutilate their rats. By using a scapel, a couple of girls crushed a rat's skull. The crunching sound made Ms Williams look up and she said in an exasperated tone, "Will you stop making those sick noises! Leave the rats alone!" However, she rarely gets angry, and always likes to joke around, which made biology classes a heap of fun. The stench of the rats were overwhelming as well, and in just one lesson, we used up two cans of air refresheners, but even that could not completely cover up the smell of dead frozen rats. As a result, we left the class with a mixed scent of rats and air refersheners...

Year 12 was much more serious, and it felt like the shortest year. We had so much homework, assignments and assessments that even the term holidays felt more like catch-up periods rather than vacation. The hard work was paid off in the end though, and now it's all over!! But year 12 wasn't all work and no play. I still went to orchestra rehearsals once a week, one of the few year 12s who still do. I joined House Chorals, the Winter Concert and concert choir. These are the things which made my last year of high school even more enjoyable and memorable. My favourite teachers this year are got to be Ms Scarpino for accounting and Ms Gurm for biology. Ms Gurm is one of the funniest teachers I've ever met, but she takes our class seriously and most importantly, she is fair.

The greatest asset that I have gained from the past two years is friendship. I have made many new friends and got closer with some old ones. My best friends are Yimo, Sandra, Maria, Coral, Enlin, Jin, Sally and Ziwei. I also have friends in all my classes as well as in orchestra. I hope to remain in touch with all of them.

The past two years are filled with excitement, happiness, tears and memories. I will never forget these.

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