Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Snow Day in Ningbo!!

I woke today to find the ground covered in a fluffy layer of snow!! Since I live in Australia, snow is indeed a rare sight. I was so excited! The last time I played in the snow was about three years ago, during my previous visit to China.

After breakfast and some house chores however, half the snow has melted away. Still, there was plenty to make a small snowman. My sister Jane and I thus wrapped up in cloaks, scarves and gloves and headed outside.

We got all the snow we needed from on top of the cars coz the snow there are the whitest and the fluffiest. Findind a place to build the snowman was a bit difficult as there weren't many flat ground around. At last we found a stone chair to act as the base for our snowman project. My gloves were soon soaked by the melting snow, making snowman-building increasinly difficult. Brrr...it was freezing! At last, our beautiful snowman was finished, we used a few lychee cores for its eyes and nose, and a piece of snow pea for the mouth. We dubbed it: Mr.Squishy!!!

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