Sunday, 20 January 2008

Winter in China

Brrr!! It's so cold here in mainland China. Still, I am glad to leave the stuffy hot summer back in Melbourne, Australia. One thing I missed though - my pet rabbit Rex. I had to leave him at home in the cage all the time, but my lovely auntie is looking after him every day. Although he won't be out and about, at least he would have a clean cage and litterbox, and plenty of food and water.

We got a new home in my hometown Ningbo, China. It's kinda like a two-storey apartment and it's ultra awesome! It is much more modern-looking than my home back in Melbourne. I have my own room with a double bed! Dad also bought a 46inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV, complete with DVD player and surrond stereo system. Watching movies at home is a whole lot better now! Our home has three bedrooms, an open study, two bathrooms, two balconies, two walk-in wardrobes and an open kitchen opposite a spacious living room. Ahh! I love my new home! :)

I have been in China for nearly a month now and have done a LOT of shopping already. I got heaps of new clothes, shoes, a R4 card and leather pouch for my Nintendo DS, some books and best of all, a lap top computer of my own! It's a blue Sony CR series laptop and it's absolutely brilliant!!

Food here in China is really cheap, well in terms of currency conversion. One Australian dollar equals to around 6.5 RMB. When I go to supermarkets, I buy a load of snacks such as cakes and those yummy Asian snacks, which are a lot cheaper than in Melbourne! My grandparents also buy us fruits which you don't get in Australia, they said, "Try to enjoy them while you can!" Mmmm....I'm in heaven! Hehe...

Well, that's it for now...FOR NOW...more to come! :P

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Anonymous said...

hi monica!
i agree, fruits and vegies in china are really nice!
fruits taste very sweet and are VERY cheap!! i love fu shi apples lol, dont know if they have them in ningbo.